Disaster Recovery and Remote Backup Services


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Remote Backup Services - starting at $9.95/month

Our Remote Backup Service gives you peace of mind by safely and securely backing up your data nightly to an off-site data center. Our Remote Backup Service provides:

Disaster Recovery Services - $139.95/month

Disaster Recovery Services is a system that enables you to keep running your business after a disaster or server outage. Disaster Recovery is more than just backups. Backups insure you can restore your data to your server. But what if you no longer have a server; what if your entire office is out of commission? Disaster Recovery Services insure your business can keep running, even if your server or office is no longer available. Our Disaster Recovery Service includes the following:

Real-World Customer Experiences

“With the Disaster Recovery Service, it gives us peace of mind knowing that even during a disaster, not only is our data still available, but so is the software for my real estate and accounting programs. I can continue to run our business from any location, on any computer, and not miss a step.”

Nancy Wunderlick MC143, Keller Williams Realty
Frisco Stars

“With Logos Data Services, we’re confident our data is safe and secure. During Hurricane Ike, our Houston office was down for 2 weeks without electricity, but with the Disaster Recovery Service, we were up and running again almost immediately from an alternate location. I would highly recommend this service to anyone.”

Mike Alexander, Principal
ABM Insurance & Benefit Services, Inc.